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Facial recognition systems are widely employed across the world today. The use of facial recognition systems brings real public safety benefits such as apprehending criminals and maintaining law and order. However, their proliferation also raises concerns about fundamental rights and privacy. The EU AI Act has sought to impose strict restrictions on use of facial recognition in public spaces. Could this be a model for others to emulate?

Tobias Südhölter

15 November 2023

The nuclear energy industry has received significant bad press following incidents like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and most recently, Fukushima. Strong anti-nuclear energy lobbies have developed across the world from India to Germany to the USA and Japan. Small Modular Reactors, which have various potential advantages over traditional reactors, could be a golden bullet for the nuclear industry and simultaneously for the climate change movement.

Ishita Maity

9 November 2023


Monish Tourangbam, Anupama Vijayakumar, Vineeth Krishnan

Dheeraj Paramesha Chaya

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