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Technology Focus: Artificial Intelligence


Kiran Mohan Vazhapully

Kiran is an international lawyer working for an intergovernmental organization. He is a doctoral candidate at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.

Game, Set, Jihad?! Combating the growing menace of radicalisation in the gaming world is not just a job for policing and intelligence agencies. Children and young adults are the largest takers for graphic video games and those most at risk of being targeted by radical groups. With India’s gaming market poised to become the world’s largest, the risk of terror groups following the IS model of indoctrinating youth through video games requires an all-of-community effort to beat back.

Dheeraj Paramesha Chaya

16 July 2023

Radicalisation and gaming jihad
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Hervé Azoulay 


Professor Hervé Azoulay is currently the President of ATHES Finance and Participation and a Professor at the Silk Road Business School (SRBS). He has held executive positions in major international groups (including INTEL and Schneider Electric), lectured at prestigious schools (including Sciences Po, HEC, IMSG Geneva, and Renmin University and Xi'an University in China), and authored numerous books.

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